Let's Patch That Up....

This just in: game less likely to troll player with petty glitchery.

We’re back for another round; here we go:


  • Fixed weird flashlight behavior, especially in the basement whereas it would rise to almost hit you in the face if you looked up. (I was calculating in world-space :{ )
  • Subtitles toggle now saves correctly. It previously changed the registry for antialiasing. oops.
  • Put a collider on the basement stairs ceiling to prevent accidentally looking at the clock through the ceiling.
  • The final door was previously partially blocked by an invisible zone. oops.
  • The text in the final act of the level has been changed so that it doesn’t appear with more than one message onscreen at once, and I’ve changed the color of one of them; I really don’t want people to miss that one.
  • Nudged the final key out a little so people stop missing it.
  • Post-processing effects no longer default to off. I think I finally got that benchmark to work how it should.

I’m pretty confident that subtitles work the vaast majority of the time on Windows.
But how about on Mac and Linux?
Let me know how those are working for you!
Also let me know about any other bugs you encounter, and have fun!


Windows 32bit 213 MB
Jul 14, 2017
Windows 64bit 215 MB
Jul 14, 2017
Mac 231 MB
Jul 14, 2017
Linux 235 MB
Jul 14, 2017

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