A Compleeetely Normal Q and A Session. maybe...

Q: Ladies and Gentlemen, I’ll be your COMPLETELY unbiased questioner for this dev log!

A: That wasn’t a question. And this isn’t an answer. What going on here?

Q: Are you guys still working on The Horologist’s Legacy?
A: Yep.

Q: Have you made any progress?
A: We have another 2 additional full levels complete, and almost a fourth. Not to mention that most of the other levels are basically half-done already, so the game is probably more than half done.

Q: Can you show us these levels?
A: We have been releasing screenshots hither and dither to Twitter and we’ll put some in these devlogs too.

Q: How the frick did you lose a block of cheese in one of the previous dev logs?
A: Can we please say relevant with our questions.

Q: No. I’m the questioner; I say what goes!
A: wh-

Q: AHEHEM Talk to me. What about that trailer. And a website? What about controller integration..?
A: Dude, we talked about controller integration. It’s a thing now.

Q: Eeeeeexcellent…. now…. why did you DODGE MY QUESTION ABOUT THE TRAILER AND THE WEBSITE!!??
A: What!? The trailer’s almost done! It looks really good! Same goes for the website. (imo)

Q: oh. What about a Discord for fans? Cool kids have Discords. And also other people.
A: What? ahem A discord is certainly a possibility. Our fan base is proobably still a little too small buut…

Q: That’s bad marketing! TELLING your viewers your fanbase is SMOLL.
A: I’m just being honest.

A: Those are both possibilities we’re looking into.

A: Corporate?? I live in my parents basement, dude. My room is the Cole and Jordan Studios Official World Headquarters. (It says so on top of my whiteboard)

Q: I’ll admit that IS mildly amusing… Just like this dev log.. Mildly amusing…
A: How entertaining can I make a bad piece of marketing before it becomes a good one?

Q: I didn’t come here to solve riddles…
Also stop living in your parents basement and get a REEAAL job.
A: It takes hard work to make this a real living, but that’s what I want to do. Just isn’t gonna be easy.

Q: OH CRY ME A RIVER! Why should I play The Horologist’s Legacy, huh? It’s hard to pronounce, it looks kinda different than the traditional indie-horror genre and I’m scared of new things.
A: Well that’s what I’m here to tell you..

A: The Horologist’s Legacy takes that indie-horror you’ve seen before with the original Slender and the wave of games inspired by it and brings it to a different level of polish and detail. We also aim to have a deeper, more involved, more thought-provoking narrative built both for people who just want to enjoy a scary game, AND the people that want to over-analyze the game, it’s environment, characters, etc.

Q: You’re exhausting me with all your words. Where can I go to play this monstrosity?
A: The first level is totally free right here on Itch. Totally DRM free, non-corporate bull****, well, exactly what you would expect from an indie really. Most players have thought very highly of it thus far, and I hope you all enjoy it too.

Q: Is it over yet?
A: Yeah.

Q: Can I go home?
A: Yeah.

Q: Do I sound irritated?
A: I think you’ll be fine…

Q: Kay I’m OUT.
A: Last thing: If you guys enjoy the game, please consider supporting us in any way you see fit! Whether that be telling your friends about it, doing a Let’s Play, posting something about it on your social media, or even donating a couple dollars with Name Your Price, if you think we deserve it. We really appreciate any of those, because we need them at this phase desperately. Thanks for tuning in!


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