We've just uploaded version 0.4.6 of our game!

It comes packed with two new optimizations!
Here's what they are:

Occlusion Culling

Optimizes performance by preventing your computer from working on things you aren't looking at or can't see because something is in front of it, such as a wall or a door.

An invisible, automatically running benchmark

In fact, this was already in the game before except it wasn't working correctly! Rest assured, this benchmark samples your performance and now accurately determines how capable your computer is (It previously assumed everyone's computer was a potato( ゚Д゚) ) It will tweak the menu to run more efficiently on slower computers if necessary and will now turn off ambient occlusion in-game for computers that struggle to get a high framerate.

Also please note that ambient occlusion along with other graphics options are toggle-able from the main menu and in-game. Some other settings are also in the in-game menu such as brightness, contrast and mouse sensitivity.

The next major update will include Xbox 360 controller support and a fully re-imagined interaction/door system. ヽ(´ー`)ノ Get excited.

Thanks again to everybody for their awesome support, and have fun guys.

…also I think I just lost an entire block of Colby Jack so if someone finds it let me know.


Windows 32 bit 216 MB
May 17, 2017
Windows 64 bit 218 MB
May 17, 2017
Mac 230 MB
May 17, 2017
Linux 227 MB
May 17, 2017

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