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The Horologist's Legacy is a deep dive into the absurd to find your mysterious past in this indie first-person psychological horror experience that rips the floor out from under you and takes your mind places you've never brought it before.

What can you expect?

  • Strongly narrative driven gameplay
  • Simple yet intriguing puzzles
  • Dangerous encounters with creatures from another universe
  • A variety of pacing, from contemplative to high-tension
  • Dark, absurd, and often beautiful environments and atmosphere
  • Surprises and horror
  • Fully voice acted cast
  • Creepy, moody, and vibrant music and audio design

Pay close attention.

Your memory seems to have become a cold and darkened blur;
you never know the vital things you might be walking past.

We at Cole and Jordan Studios have been developing The Horologist's Legacy
for years in an attempt to create the most intriguing possible experience;
prototypes existed as early as 2012 when we were only in the 8th Grade.

Now at 20 years old, we are prepared to release our game into the world.
Nearly all levels have years of testing and design, and have been completely
scrapped and rebuilt from the ground up at least once. 

It's a similar story for the plot, (no pun intended) which has been scrapped,
rewritten, and honed to provide an extremely mysterious and
other-worldly undertone to the entire experience.


Buy Now$19.98 USD or more

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Neat stuff, definitely held my interest. Voice acting was nicely done too. Looking forward to the full release, nice job!


Good to know, thanks!

Good update. I'm looking forward to seeing more of the game.

For sure.  See you then!

I played it, and I liked it! The story was more interesting than the gameplay, but the story was VERY intersting, and I really look forward to playing more for that alone. I'm sure you know the shortcomings of the gameplay, so I won't bother going into them (pure key fetch, etc).

I hope you like the vid, Lumps Plays is pop-up video style commentary. If you're over 25--you know what I mean :D



Hey! Interesting style of video, I don't think I've seen anything quite like it. It's good to hear you're excited about the story! I promise it's not just all vague gibberish; it actually relates to a larger story! I hope you decide to stick around for the full game! Have fun!


I definitely will, looking forward to what you do with it. Thanks for checking out the vid, too


To understand your present self you must first examine your past self! Also time is your main enemy -- it is history's biggest killer. Time murders one and all...

This game deals with time travel in a new and interesting way. It also features 2 endings and I assume that I got the bad one(of course I am a n00b). Fun experience overall but one that leaves you feeling confused but still eager for more.

Really enjoyed it has a lot of potential i did a gameplay of the game.


Thanks! Excellent work!

*Rurr* I made a Let's Play on it >:O Thoughts and all that within, hope you enjoy my take on it ;o


Awesome work on the let's play Neco! Many of the first let's plays helped us to make the game flow well from a gameplay standpoint, but now that we've gotten that mostly figured out it's always awesome to hear what people are thinking about the story. Hope you stick around for the full game! Cheers!